I see you have added online ordering for parts - Can I still place an order by phone or email?

Yes, orders can be placed by phone, email, or online.

What is the lead time on your products?

Most of our products are in stock. Parts orders usually ship the same day. Equipment orders usually ship within a couple of days. Please contact us to confirm lead times or if you have any questions.

Are your products made in the USA?

Yes, the equipment we manufacture is made at our facility in Merrimack, New Hampshire.

How can I reach tech support?

Call us at (603) 883-7400 M-F 8am-4:30pm or email service@wenindustries.com

Are your products available internationally? Do you have a distributor in my country?

We sell direct worldwide. Please contact us to request a quote including shipping to your destination.

What is the warranty on your products?

WEN Industries equipment is warranted against defects for 1 year from date of shipment. Products that prove to be defective should be returned to WEN Industries prepaid for repair or replacement at the discretion of WEN Industries. This warranty does not cover wear parts including but not limited to filters, filter bowls, regulator bowls, lubricator bowls, boots, drill bits and hoses, and does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, or faulty installation. Any alteration of products voids the warranty. If you have a question about one of our products,please call us at (603) 883-7400

Can I modify your products?

No, altering or modifying our products can create a safety hazard and voids the warranty.

How much does freight for your equipment cost? Where do you ship from?

We ship from our facility in Merrimack, New Hampshire 03054. We shop freight daily to find the best carrier for any particular location. Simply contact us or call (603) 883-7400 for a freight quote.

What oil should I put in my lubricator bowl?

If the lubricator is connected to our diaphragm air pump, you should only use the Kilfrost brand lubricant. Other pneumatic lubricants can damage the pump. If the lubricator is connected to an air ratchet on a Fuel Tank Drill, then Kilfrost or any other quality pneumatic tool lubricant is suitable.

What size compressor do I need to operate my air pump on a Gas Buggy or Fuel Tank Drill?

10 SCFM or larger for a Gas Buggy

15 SCFM or larger for a Gas Buggy/Fuel Tank Drill combination

15 SCFM or larger for models TD800, TD850, and TD950 Fuel Tank Drills.

What PSI should I run my air pump at?

WEN's Diaphragm Air Pumps can run at PSI set between 20-90 PSI. Factory settings are between 50-60 PSI. You can adjust up or down the PSI to match the compressor size and desired flow rate. Do not set the PSI over 100 PSI.

What is a micron rating for fuel filters?

A micron rating indicates the size of the particulate that the filter is designed to catch. The smaller a filter's micron rating is, the greater its ability to capture contaminants.

What is the difference between the nominal and the absolute micron rating?

Nominal micron rating refers to the average size of particles that the filter can capture. It gives a general indication of the filter's performance but may not represent its true efficiency across all particle sizes.

Absolute micron rating indicates the size particle that the filter can capture at a specified efficiency level, often 98% or 99.9%. This rating provides a more precise measure of the filters performance.

Where should I position my WEN Diaphragm Air Pump?

When setting up your diaphragm air pump, the placement of the pump matters more than you may think! All diaphragm air pumps are better pushers than pullers, so the closer the pump is placed to the liquid source the better the flow rate. Run piping or hose a great distance on the discharge side of the pump, not the inlet side.

Is it profitable to own a Gas Buggy?

Yes, it is - by recycling gasoline and avoiding purchasing new gasoline, our customers often save many thousands of dollars, each year.