Collection: Diesel Buggy®

Safely Evacuate, Filter, and Dispense Fuel!

WEN Industries' line of steel Diesel Buggies® offers more models and sizes of safe, portable fuel storage than any company worldwide to meet the need of various applications and requirements of our customers.

Designed for commercial use, WEN Diesel Buggies® provide protection against spillage hazards inherent in open storage containers. Procedures often require fuel to be extracted from diesel tanks, the Diesel Buggy® allows fuel to be siphoned into the Diesel Buggy®, filtered and dispensed back out to be re-used with the automatic diesel nozzle. Every model has a reversing valve to change flow direction from siphon to dispense, a filtering system, and a grounded tank and hose to eliminate static electricity.

Diesel Buggies® come equipped with an automatic diesel nozzle, refill hose, siphon hose and a durable green powder coat finish. Each Diesel Buggy® is designed, built and tested to our high standards. Made in the USA.