Collection: Fuel Tank Drills

For Auto Recyclers who want to quickly and safely remove fuel from end of life vehicles, the WEN Fuel Tank Drills series is the right choice.

The WEN Fuel Tank Drill System provides nearly vaporless drainage of gasoline/diesel fuel from metal or plastic fuel tanks. Easy to use, the piston raises the Drill Head creating a seal against the underside of the fuel tank. Drilling time is 3-4 seconds, drill bit is good for 1000+ drillings.

Models TD700, TD750, and TD950 (includes bad gas diverter assembly) are designed to be used with a WEN Gas Buggy.

Models TD800 and TD850 are designed to pump fuel to a storage tank. Models TD800 and TD850 can transfer gas more than 200' away. The sight glass (TD850) for visual inspection and the diverter valve assembly allow the operator to divert bad gas to a separate container.

Made in the USA.